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make the world a better place for you, your family, and friends

WE DID IT! 1,500 trees planted until end of 2023


How can we contribute to the community and the beloved environment we live in? This is the question that keep popping up when we think about our deep connection with Mother Earth. With our backgrounds in healthcare, we're passionate about giving back. Seeing the BC wildfires and feeling the effects of climate change firsthand, we've decided to do our part and give back to our precious nature.

We've partnered with Ecodrive (sister company to Veritree) to engage in diverse environmentally conscious initiatives aimed at mitigating carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Every purchase made contributes directly to our ongoing efforts to give back to the planet, from land to sea.

🌳 1 Tree Planted For Every Purchase Made 🌊

Since the launch of OATME in July 2023, we have planted more than 1,500 trees on our mother earth, focusing on areas in Kenya and BC.

Together with Ecodrive, we are rejuvenating mangrove habitats in Kenya and empowering Coastal Communities. Mangroves, typically found in saline coastal areas and tidal zones, are vital for maintaining shoreline stability and safeguarding communities during severe weather events. Acting as a crucial line of defense during tropical storms, they play a vital role in shielding both the land and surrounding communities. Our hands-on approach involves the meticulous hand-planting of mangroves, one at a time, by our dedicated team. Using advanced devices, we capture essential data for verification, including time stamps, lat/longitude coordinates, and image/video documentation of each tree. This ensures the authenticity and impact of every contribution made toward the restoration effort.

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JOIN US to make a positive impact on Mother Earth.